Strong. Sculpted. Sexy. Beginner

Strong. Sculpted. Sexy. Beginner

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Have you ever wanted a leaner, more tight body?  The Strong. Sculpted. Sexy. Beginner Program was created to get you started on weight training so that your body can start to be challenged and you start to see change. 

The 6 week beginning program will teach you the basics of using weights, how to have a consistent workout routine and knowing the moves so that you are confident in a weight room.  After mastering this beginner program you will be comfortable moving onto my next two programs and seeing even more progress in your weight workout!  

The highlights to the Strong. Sculpted. Sexy. Beginner Program:

  • Perfect for someone brand new to weight training and the base of the entire series of Strong. Sculpted. Sexy. Program. 
  • Duration is 6 weeks, with a  minimum of 12 weight based workouts to see results. You can do more for better results. 
  • Your favorite cardio is still encouraged. 
  • You can do this workout at home.
  • This workout is broken up into four 15 minute workout groups.  If time is short I teach you how to modify the workout for your time frame.
  • All my workout and healthy living advice are part of the program. 
  • There is a 6 week printable challenge book  for you to keep notes on workouts, eating habits and emotions. 

With the Strong. Sculpted. Sexy. Programs you will see a stronger, more sculpted version of your body and feel sexier than ever! That's Feminine Fitness Defined!